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Multi-Function Solar Powered Fan/Vent,Solar Powered Extractors,Solar Air Ventilators

Multi-Function Solar Powered Fan/Vent,Solar Powered Extractors,Solar Air Ventilators

Product ID: SVT-015 / SVT-015S / SVT-215S

Multi-Function Solar Powered Fan / Vent

SVT is a new breakthrough in technology, an extractor ventilator powered by sunlight, ambient lights, no battery, no electricity nor any other man made power source. No wirings, no plugs, no noise, and once installed no running cost whatsoever.


SVT-015 and SVT-015S models are with concentrator lens top
SVT-215S, Lo profile vent good for boat deck use
Interchangeable intake and exhaust fans

Notes: The top part of SVT-015, SVT-105S and SVT-215S are the same as SVT-012, SVT-102S and SVT-212S. The difference between these two models is in their structural design, as explained below :

Intake and exhaust fan blade

This SVT model comes with two fan blades: intake and exhaust, intake fan blade is labeled "INTAKE"

To exchange fan blade, simply pull the existing blade off and insert / push the new one. Care must be taken in pushing or pulling the fan blade so as not to bend the motor shaft; otherwise, its performance would be grossly affected.

If you have only one vent installed on your boat, we recommend using only the exhaust fan blade. If you have multiple vents, try different configurations of intake and exhaust to achieve effective cross flow ventilation.

Shut-off Bottom Cover: These models of SVT are equipped with bottom cover to shut-off from below. When not in use, it is advisable that one covers the fan outlet with bottom cover.

Buyer's Guide:
Boat Size: Recommended ventilator use
Up to 24 ft: 1 exhaust vent
Up to 40 ft: 1 exhaust vent and 1 intake vent
From 40 ft or larger: 2 exhaust vent and 1 intake vent

Installation Procedure

Installed on glass:
SVT could be installed onto glass surface. However, as much as possible it should be installed facing the sun equator.
Installation accessories are included in this package, all you need is just a glasscutter.

Installed on boat deck / caravan roof:
For additional fixing, insert no. 6 screws through the eyelets; it is recommended to use screws made of brass or stainless

where salt water is involved.
Use suitable mastic to seal the area between plastic ventilator and the surface of installation.
For installation purposes, a tubular extension can be use as shown on the right picture.

Installed on wall:
SVT could be installed unto walls or other materials with a thickness greater than 40mm (1 & 9/16 inches).
Through the eyelets insert no. 6 screw along with suitable raw plugs. Use tubular with a diameter of 116 ~ 120mm cut required length. 


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